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Surfacing Dressing

Surface Dressing is a road surface treatment that combines a layer of polymer bitumen with a layer of various-sized aggregates to prolong the life of an existing surface. Typically used on farm and estate roads carrying lower traffic volumes, it is also know as Tar & Chip.

Our sophisticated surface dressing techniques produce a new high-quality road surface with tightly specified chippings held in a close mosaic.

Surface dressing has a number of benefits for the engineer and the road user. Surface dressing waterproofs the surface and protects the foundation of the road stopping any deterioration that might be taking place.

The textured, skid-resistant surface dressing provides plays an important role in cutting accident rates, especially in wet weather conditions and on high-speed roads and it's quick - minimising the interference with traffic flow.

From an aesthetic point-of-view surface dressing gives a uniform appearance to patched surfaces and offers a distinctive road colour.

Our Services

Our surfaces include...

  • Tarmac surfacing & construction
  • Asphalt & Macadam laying
  • Coloured macadams
  • Stone mastic asphalt
  • Road planning
  • Surface dressing
  • Playground surfaces
  • Kerbs and drainage
  • Road markings
  • Traffic management
  • Adopted roads

We can also perform additional services such as line marking and surface dressing

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